Information Architecture and Design

A brutal reality is that all companies will have to build brands, offer added value and create multiple networks of interactions with their clients through digital platforms in order to remain relevant and compelling.

Digital disruption represents opportunities to those who embrace transformation and know how to take advantage of it.

Through these tools, we will be able to design digital platforms, totally integrated with business objectives and create added value in brand building and interaction with clients.

Business Taxonomy - Foundation for agility

The organization of knowledge gives mutual understanding.

This agility is the result of ensuring that business processes, workflows, and communications between business groups move freely and efficiently, fostering inspiration. Business taxonomy is the foundation for efficiency and collaboration improvements. It provides organizational concepts, content categorization and relationships that set an organization’s pace for improving information organization, access, find ability, and reuse. These improvements lead to reducing costs for delivering services, developing products, and conducting operations.

Business taxonomy is becoming increasingly important to organizations looking for methods to manage the unprecedented and growing amount of information that they produce.

Taxonomia de negocios

Digital Asset Management - Foundation for flowing

Metadata and tagging of digital assets on any of its forms is crucial for companies, given it´s a key component of day-to-day operations flow and the structuring of special projects.
Inspiration flows when information and talent become one.

Process Visualization- Foundation for innovation

Through this interactive methodology with process leaders, we are able to visualize with precision all aspects and components of processes, documenting its corresponding digital assets and communications flux, thus giving the ability to see the forest and the detail on every leaf of the trees.

An extremely useful set of tools for internal audits, also serves its purpose for the preparation of external audits and Certifications.

visualizacion de procesos

Digital Marketing

The starting point for a sound and structured digital marketing is the construction of integrated communication system that not only involves the marketing department but also all areas dealing with operations and customer support. Once we have a clear understanding of the functionality of the communication system then we can integrate the most adequate technology possible in order to achieve our goals.

As such, the digital marketing platform should be designed and configured to fulfill the following principles:

  • Agility
  • Scalability
  • Metrics
  • Optimization and iteration
  • Fast response
  • Sensitivity
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