Work shops

We have developed and implemented workshops for idea creation, structuring, development and execution.

Workshops of different length of duration provide the necessary group dynamics and motivations in order to build a creative and constructive atmosphere, where people will unlock their creative potential, discover new abilities and develop team building and presentation skills.


Develop imagination leadership through the creation of personal or group projects, building strategic and operational foundations and set the frame of mind to make them a reality.

Module 1: Stimulation and empowerment

Fase I : Projective exercises
Fase II  Sensory, auditory and visual stimulation
Fase III Associative exercises
Fase IV Role models
Fase V  Role exercises

Module  2: Action and Reaction

Fase I Collective Creativity
Fase II Project Definition
Fase III Objectives
Fase IV Strategy
Fase V Research
Fase VI Project design
Fase VII Project presentation
Fase VIII Cross fertilization

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